9 Things To keep in Mind Before Buying Hardside Luggage

9 Things about hardside Luggage

We’re going to go ahead and make a wild guess here to assume that you are interested in buying some Hardside luggage. Well, folks, it is definitely a step in the right direction, especially if you find yourself traveling every so often.

However, as is true with buying any new product, doing the right research is a crucial factor in ending up with the perfect fit. Let’s face it; nobody wants to spend a bunch of money only to bring home a product they are not fully satisfied with.

Now, doing the ‘right’ research, as we say, means asking the right questions in the first place. So, what are these questions? What do you need to ask yourself before going shopping for some sleek Hardside luggage?

Clearly, it is not enough to Google the top 10 best Hardside luggage, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. Well, we might have a few ideas! Keep reading to find out more!

How do I usually travel?

Considering your mode of travel is priority number one because your choice of luggage largely depends on it, and here’s why. 

If you tend to travel by road more often, you need a suitcase big enough to fit all your belongings while still being an appropriate size such that it easily fits into the trunk of your car, and is easy to carry while you are on the move. 

On the other hand, if you travel by air, then you need to invest in luggage that complies with airline standards and requirements for travel. This may include packing capacity and weight.

In this way, you’ll be more likely to choose a suitcase that will actually match the pace and nature of your travels instead of sticking out like a sore thumb or just being a general nuisance.   

How will I put the luggage away?

Now, while the suitcase is not in use, there needs to be a designed area in your house where you can stow it away, i.e., your garage, etc.  

This does depend on the size of your suitcase but more on the space that is available in your house or area that you are willing to spare.

So, if your place is slightly smaller, you will be better off without a big suitcase. Otherwise, it will be a constant source of inconvenience for you, and the constant moving around might shorten the lifespan of the luggage as well.

How often do I travel? 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. For the most part, this one is simply for helping you decide how many suitcases you will need or how big each bag needs to be.

Also, it depends on the nature of your travels because the amount of luggage can easily vary from one trip to another. This will also give you a fair idea of maintenance checks and related chores. 

What size suitcase do I need?

As aforementioned, the size of the suitcase you should buy depends on the kind of trips you take most often. 

For instance, if you mostly go for weekend getaways, a small to medium-sized suitcase will do just fine.

However, for international trips such as annual holidays, a big suitcase would suffice. So, the choice is entirely up to you with this one!   

Material/manufacturing quality

The material and the craftsmanship of a suitcase can speak volumes about the overall quality and durability of any luggage.

For starters, you can check whether the suitcase is manufactured from ABS plastics or polycarbonate, etc. If it is either of the materials mentioned above, you should be good to go, or you could look up other reliable materials on the internet beforehand as well.  


Functionality mainly refers to the ease of usage that you can expect from any Hardside luggage. This can include hand straps, telescoping handle, additional shoulder straps, and wheels, etc.

For the wheels, in particular, make sure you check to see that they are multi-directional spinner wheels. These are the most recommended ones, especially for airports. The reason is they are quite smooth and can be turned every which way which bodes well for the maneuvering of the suitcase.

It also makes it much easier for you to move around even while handling a suitcase, making the whole experience much more comfortable and even enjoyable! 

What features does it have?

When talking about features, we are mainly referring to internal dividers and fitted locks on the outside. Several good quality suitcases are already coming with TSA-approved locking systems in place that does a stellar job of protecting your belongings.

They are quite easy to get the hang of, so you don’t have to worry about fiddling with the lock for several minutes to get it to open/close. As for the dividers, they are just a sensible addition to help you organize your things with ease.

How many pockets/compartments does it have?

Let’s admit it, folks, we’re all suckers for pockets. The more, the merrier, as they always say and right, they are!

Not only do more compartments make packing a whole lot easier, but those little mesh pockets in the inside make for ideal spots for your delicates and similar smaller items.  

Can I expand it? 

Expandable suitcases are quite the cherry on top when it comes to the realm of Hardside luggage. Several types of Hardside luggage is, in fact, expandable, which comes in quite handy for users who are looking to get the job with a single suitcase.

However, if this particular feature is a must-have for you, then check with your provider because every hard shell suitcase does not need to have this specific bonus!


We can tell you we were surprised as well while coming up with this buyer’s guide because there is clearly so much to consider before you can settle on any one product. 

We sincerely hope this little nugget of information makes the entire ordeal much easier on your part, best of luck adventurers! 

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